About Mike

Mike Kiely was born on September 11, 1986 in Media, Pennsylvania. Since childhood Mike has had a fondness for travel, having lived all over the world with his family. One of Mike’s first memories is of a visit to China, where he first became fascinated by the complexity and diversity of human nature. It is during his travels that Mike first became exposed to foreign languages, and he began developing a skill for accents and dialect.

Mike credits many of his skills as an actor to his hockey training as a child, “Live humbly, be a team player, and make sure you’re working for the team not just yourself”. Most of all, hockey taught Mike the value of determination; he approaches every job or project with the passion and drive of an athlete. Mike has taken the lessons he learnt on the ice, and made them his professional mantra.

It was while playing hockey for University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, that Mike first became interested in a career as a performer. After injuring himself during a game, and having to take a sabbatical from hockey, Mike decided to take an acting class to fulfill a public speaking credit. It only took one class before he was hooked.

At the advice of his acting instructor, Doctor Rodney Eatman, Mike relocated to Texas where he began to establish his career as a professional actor. Over time Mike began to develop his style as an actor, using techniques and strategies he discovered through various lessons and projects. Since he began acting, Mike has appeared both on stage and film. Projects of interest include A Gang Land Love Story (2010), Osprey (2014) as well as commercials for United Airlines, Valero, Dell, the Texas Lottery, and Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Mike is excited to continue pursuing acting jobs, with a particular interest in cultivating more experience in film. In partnership with his agent, Mike has been seeking film opportunities, with a particular interest in L.A. based projects. Mike’s philosophy is to create art with meaning and impact, and he hopes that the audience watching his work will soon be growing.

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